ABOUT US

We are Ca highly professional medical devices manufacturing company located in the seaport city of Ningbo in the northeast of Zhejiang province PR China. The office and factory buildings cover an area of 8000sqm in a land area of 12,600sqm allowing adequate space for future expansion.

Since its founding in 2009, Ningbo Shunye Medical Co Ltd has consistently placed great importance on its technological innovation, design, development and manufacturing programs. Our primary focus is the production of high quality disposable surgical electrodes, laparoscopic electrodes, resusable electrocautery pencils, disposable cautery pens and diagnostic pen lights for the healthcare profession.

We encourage best engineering and manufacturing practices with high precision systems and subsystems with an emphasis on quality and regulatory controls throughout every stage of production. Our manufacturing programs are fully automated with a wide variety of equipment including Japanese precision CNC lathes and the latest “Haitian” programmable injection machine. Our production lines are further supported by a range of high precision presses, finishing and computerised testing equipment carefully monitoring and checking throughout every stage of production.

Together with manufacturing excellence, we offer efficient technical support and customer service. Ningbo Shunye Medical Co Ltd is a leader in providing healthcare professionals around the world with innovative practical technology and affordable products of the highest quality and proven reliability. In this professional area we are uniquely positioned and have gained industry lead through ISO 13485-2003 quality management system certification and FDA registration.
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